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By card on the site.
Cash to the courier.

You can refuse an order at any time before it is received, at the time of delivery by a courier, and after receipt - during 7 calendar days.
Approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation in September 27, 2007 N 612

The return of goods of proper quality is possible if their presentation (packaging, labels), consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified goods (goods/cash receipt or printing from the personal account of the corresponding payment system with payment details) are preserved.

Delivery of the item is paid by the sender.
To return the goods, you also need an identity document (passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation/passport, temporary identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

If the goods are returned in proper quality, A.YA brand will return their value no later than in 10 business days after receipt of the goods and your written application. However, within the specified period, we have the right to conduct an examination of the goods in order to determine their quality and safety of consumer properties. The terms of crediting funds to the recipient's settlement account depend on the internal regulations of the recipient bank.

If you pay with a card when you receive it, you can request the full details of your credit card to issue a refund.

Call a courier to issue a return in Moscow:
For more information, please contact our managers by phone:
+7 926 731 75 76
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