The A.YA brand was founded by stylist Alya Sturua in 2013.

The main features of the brand, such as kimono, embroidered with skillful embroidery, unusual materials, ostrich feathers as decor, combined with the authenticity of Georgian brands, distinguish it not only in the Russian, but also in the international market.

Also, one of the main motives is relevance in the context of changing trends: the brand produces two seasonal collections, with adding of capsules and taking into account customer feedback.

The brand's DNA is based on emotional response, on the sensations that arise when you communicate with clothes. This is a delight in the freedom possibilities of self-expression, a sense of beauty and self-confidence. For several years, the art director of the brand is the artist Elene Merteveli, who successfully manages to convey these feelings in the visual positioning of A.YA.

Autumn - Winter 2021
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